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Impactful Marketing that JUST Works!

Let’s face it, it is tough. A classy product or service idea in this tech-driven¬†age can be ruined by marketing that does not do justice to it. In fact, there are numerous examples of brilliant ideas that have lost steam and fallen by the wayside due to poor marketing execution. Just to reiterate:

  1. The logo is a critical brand device. It needs to be developed keeping the customers, the product, and the context in consideration. It is an involved exercise that requires knowledge of marketing and great creativity.So are your brand colours -yes, colours stand for something!
  2. Customers of a bakery have a different information requirement from that of an engineering gadget company. The user experience of the website has to ensure that customers are led into the sales funnel and contextual information is available at all times.
  3. Marketing content in all its forms has to match the customer journey. A prospect who has just heard of your brand and one who is an existing customer have different messaging needs. The same size does not fit all.
  4. Dealing with multile vendors (one for the creatives, another for the website, a third for email service, fourth for social media) can be very taxing. Established vendors like to deal with big companies alone.

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