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Taking Metis Talent Management live!

Metis Talent Management entrusted us to give them a new logo and a shiny new website, which, we are delighted to share, has gone live. Check the new site out and do let us know what you feel about the new site, and the new logo!  

What’s in a name? Let’s #Uncomplicate

Let’s face it, your brand journey begins the day┬áthat idea┬ácame floating in your head from somewhere, and much before your product or service took a form. In other words, to brand or not is not a decision you as the business owner or founder have a choice to...

Email Marketing: Be Mindful of the Basics

Email marketing remains a very powerful medium for connecting with your target group. However, like any other media, there are certain things to keep in mind, if you send our any form of mass email, including newsletters: A mailer campaign does not have more than...