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Impactful Marketing

Impactful Marketing

Brand identity, digital marketing, inbound marketing, strategy, execution plans, are all great. But, in the end, a brand should get business for your product or service. Period.

Do you agree?

It is often difficult to start your marketing journey. Let’s make it simple.

Digital Brand Advisory

In this digital age, a brand name, logo and colours need to be ‘developed’ based on multiple attributes. The brand identity should reflect your inspiration and establish a meaningful image. Leave it to us. #BeenThereDoneThat

Digital Asset Development

Want to ensure top class customer experience with a well-crafted website that is loved by search engines, and is easy-to-update too? We get your marketing engine going real quick.

Digital Campaign Advisory

We realize how important outcomes are for you. For maximum effectiveness, campaigns have to be designed based on buyer personas that factor-in various stages of the buying journey.Sounds complicated? Entrust it to us.

Taking Metis Talent Management live!

Metis Talent Management entrusted us to give them a new logo and a shiny new website, which, we are delighted to share, has gone live. Check the new site out and do let us know what you feel about the new site, and the new logo!  

What’s in a name? Let’s #Uncomplicate

Let's face it, your brand journey begins the day that idea came floating in your head from somewhere, and much before your product or service took a form. In other words, to brand or not is not a decision you as the business owner or founder have a choice to make...

Email Marketing: Be Mindful of the Basics

Email marketing remains a very powerful medium for connecting with your target group. However, like any other media, there are certain things to keep in mind, if you send our any form of mass email, including newsletters: A mailer campaign does not have more than...

Free Consultation for Startups

If you are a startup less than 30 months old, you can request us for 30 minutes of our time to validate your marketing strategy, ask a question or two, or just to seek an external perspective. To book an appointment, please call or drop us a note.  This offer of confidential consulting is totally complimentary and available only once to you.

We don’t claim to be experts of everything but happy to share what we know.  There are some who swear by that they gained tremendously from this session. Offer valid for startups are just an idea in your head right now.

What is Ideacopter?


Ideacopter is anchored by Rajesh Kumar, a widely experienced marketing professional, who has worked in large organizations as well as in startups, primarily in the technology sector. Ideacopter leverages a coalition of passionate marketers, who have established brands in their corporate career, and are keen to contribute to upcoming businesses. We use the concept of time value of such experts. You have the assurance of working with experts (not rookies, who either know technology or marketing, but not both). The three wheels in the logo represent ideas rotating in three-dimensional planes conveying our belief that ideas need to be unbound to fly. Let your business ideas fly with us.

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